2 thoughts on “Live Cooking Demo’s

    • Hi Deb, this is Mason’s mom, Kathy. Here is the recipe:
      1 C water
      2 C corn Syrup
      3 C sugar
      5 Tbs gelatin
      4 Tbs vanilla
      pinch of salt

      In a stand mixer bowl, combine the gelatin and 1 C of water, stir and let sit. Combine the sugar, corn syrup and water in a heavy pan, stir until the sugar dissolves. Using a candy thermometer, heat sugar on high, without stirring until the temp reaches 240. Pour hot sugar into mixing bowl with gelatin and mix on low until combined. Be careful and turn up to high (one speed at a time to avoid splashing). Mix on high until it fluffs up and will likely triple in volume. Using a rubble spatula, scrape your marshmallow fluff onto a greased baking sheet (I use a 1/2 sheet cake pan, spray with Pam and line with a parchment paper and the spray the paper, too), smooth out and let stand for at least 24 hours to set up. When they are firm, flip on onto a counter coated with powdered sugar and cut using a good, sharp knife. I also find a bench scraper or pizza cutter works well, too. Coat all sides with powdered sugar and enjoy!

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