About Mason


CJCMason Partak, at only thirteen years old, is a kid with a passion for cooking. Not only does he love to cook, but believes other kids love to cook, too. “I’ve been baking with my mom since I was two years old, now I’m eleven and I can cook anything I can read a recipe for, and some things I just make up. I want to show other kids that they can cook, so I have recorded videos on You Tube to show kids how easy it is.” Mason has tutorials to make complete recipes, videos that show how to do specific techniques, and his favorite segment, “What the heck is this thing for?” where he introduces kids to kitchen tools, what they are for, and then demonstrates how to use them. Mason says cooking is cool and kids who can learn to cook feel like they can accomplish anything else they set their minds to – in the kitchen and in life!

Mason has been wowing judges and audiences at cooking demonstrations and recipe contests since 2010 when he won his first cash prize for a cookie recipe at a local community festival. Mason is often the youngest contestant in the recipe contests he enters, and it is not uncommon for him to be competing with adults who have 20 or more years of experience baking and cooking. He often places in the top three!

In the third grade, Mason set a goal to raise $25,000 to improve his elementary school kitchen. In just 18 short months, he surpassed his goal by raising $26,052 which not only improved his school kitchen, but also installed a Culinary Sciences Lab so elementary school kids can learn to cook. You can learn more here.

In 2015, Mason went to New York to compete on season one of Chopped Junior on Food Network and he won his episode! Mason came back to Auburn a Chopped Junior Champion with $10,000 and the first thing he did was donate a portion back to his elementary school to help the first year of the culinary sciences lab get off the ground while he is currently marketing to find a sponsor.

Mason makes it known, “Kids need other kids to show them they can cook, they can do it – even if we have to learn together as we go!” To see more of Mason and his culinary creations, find out where you can meet Mason and see him do live cooking demonstrations, enter his giveaways, or contact him with your questions, visit www.masonpartak.com You can also find Mason on Facebook & Google+ – “Mason Made” and on his channel on You Tube – Mason Partak.


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