Mason Made Decorator Icing


Mason Made Decorating Icing

EasterCookies*2 lbs powdered sugar
*2-5 Tbs water, more if needed (we usually use more)
*2 TBS meringue powder – Note, use the egg whites or meringue power if you want your icing to dry firm so you can stack cookies and icing won’t smear or smudge. If you like it soft, omit this ingredient. If you use this and have leftover icing, seal it in a tupperware or put saran wrap over it or the top will crust over. You have to put the plastic wrap right on top of the icing.

When you are making lots of colors, you need more icing than if you are just using one color or to do a cake.

Tools we use at home.
*Wilton disposable decorating bags
*Bag clips from IKEA – this way the icing does not slop out the top
*Long toothpicks
*Small icing spatulas
*Gel colors – they are thicker than the ones in the store
*Candy eyes
*Candy – any kind you like
*Clear bags and bows for gift giving.

4 thoughts on “Mason Made Decorator Icing

  1. Hi Linda, gel colors come in little tubs and larger squirt bottles. You can buy them at Michaels, JoAnn and any bakery supply store.

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