5 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. Hello Mason,
    We received as a gift from friends a bottle of MASON-MADE EAT! SAYS-A-ME GINER DRESSING.
    We read the enclosure about you. Awesome,Mason! It is wonderful to see someone so passionate about a profession
    so early in life. Already you have gone way above and beyond……AND….have helped your school and others to learn
    about cooking as well.

    Thank you for the delicious dressing.
    May you continue achieving wonderful things. I think I may have seen you on the Chopped union Network but at the time
    had no idea that I would be eating your product!!! The next time I see you on TV I will know who you are and can say I knew
    you at the beginning of your formal career…..

    Keep cooking and best wishes,
    Anne & Larry Ramspott
    Walnut Creek, CA.

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