Finding Normal Again in America


You guys know my story, I’m a kid cook and our family gets really busy. I had to see my doctor for a check up and I asked her about my weight. I have gained over 20 pounds in the last year and I’m on the verge of becoming overweight. I am not very proud of that, because I’m a kid cook and I know how to cook heathy food.  I currently weigh 141 pounds and I want to change that. One of the problems  I have is the super sized portions in America and the readily available rich foods.Screen Shot 2016-08-09 at 2.06.21 PM

Do you see what I mean? Like, come on! Not only has the size of our portions increased, but also the chemicals, fillers, and sodium in the food. Yuuuccckkk!

Homemade Burger


This is what a healthy burger can look like when you make it at home.

  • * Lean ground beef
  • * Lots of fresh produce
    • * A side salad of cucumbers, tomatoes,       onions and fresh dill





Another thing is there is food EVERYWHERE, we don’t have to hunt for our food or stock up for the winter. Many people think it just takes willpower to eat or not to eat, but it’s not that simple. Many of the processed foods that taste so good actually make us want to eat more processed food. It’s okay to eat a treat once a day like a small soda, a small ice cream cone, or a piece of candy. But you do have remember portion control. Don’t let 1 small soda turn into 1, 2, or 3 sodas. It would also be good to think of fresh fruit as a treat instead of a processed, sugary snack.

So let’s recap, if you really like the fast food restaurant foods, try making those things at home with your own healthy twist, and if you are pressed for time, get something small, not the huge combo meal. That will probably tide you over until you get home so you can make something healthier of your own. Also we talked about portion control, lots of times we think we need lots of different things at one meal, when really one thing will satisfy us. They say, “Your eyes are bigger than your stomach,” which is right, you think you need more to eat than your body really needs. Start with a smaller portion and wait a few minutes (my mom says it’s 20 minutes), and then if you are still hungry, get another small portion.

Our family is working together to prepare healthier meals and make better food choices. We are also working together to exercise more as a family. Now, ask yourself, what can you do to make the food you love healthier?

I will post the recipe for my version of a healthier, homemade Big Mac in the next week or so. I love McDonald’s and I know it’s not the best meal for me to eat regularly, so I’m going to make it and see if I can make one taste as good as they do.

*Photo credits: comparison image, BuzzFeedBlue, 2016, homemade burger with cucumber salad, Kathy Partak, 2012

3 thoughts on “Finding Normal Again in America

  1. You have hit the nail on the head! No one needs 1000+ calories in one meal (Big Mac, fries, soda). If I find myself hungry away from home, I sometimes have a hamburger kids meal with 2 packs of apples, no fries.

    We joined a CSA this summer so we are definitely eating more veggies, and new ones too – baked kohlrabi fries are yummy, who knew?

  2. Mason, I have always struggled with my weight since puberty. Hang in there, kiddo! Maybe you could save for an activity tracker to track your calories and log them, etc. I have found a great deal of success getting a certain amount of steps per day to offset my wine/food intake. 🙂 You’re lucky you don’t drink….yet!

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