Park Pass & a Picnic, Oregon Creek Day Use Area, North San Juan, CA

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This is the second stop on my summer adventure, Park Pass & a Picnic is on the middle fork of the Yuba River. This is my summer project of visiting and reviewing parks we’ve not been to and packing a lunch with what we have in the pantry and fridge. It turns out this is not a state park, it is in the Tahoe National Forest and is maintained by the Dept. of Forestry. What is good for you is that there is no charge to visit this park! Oregon Creek feeds into the Yuba river and it is super cool! There are lots of granite slabs to lay your towel on so you don’t need chairs, and the water is the most crystal clear as you have ever seen. I had my goggles so I could see fish and crawdads, I even saw a really big snake! It scared the bejesus out of me, but not enough to make me want to leave. My mom is still laughing about me do the “Scooby Doo” run trying to get away because I couldn’t get traction on the wet granite. I didn’t think it was funny at the time, but now I can laugh about it, sort of.

This park is only 50 minutes from where we live in Auburn and I’m sure we will go back, oh, and there is an awesome ice cream shop in Nevada City that you have to try on your way home, it’s called Treat, and it is on York Street right of the main strip that is Broad Street. They make their ice cream and have crazy good flavors, some you know and some you’ve never heard of like Breakfast Bourbon. My mom let me taste it, it was okay but my mom thinks my dad will love it!

I loved this park and my time swimming in the Yuba river, I will absolutely go back and think you should check it out, too. Oh, and before I forget, you can click here to get my killer tuna fish sandwich recipe.

From I-80, exit Hwy. 49 going north to Nevada City. Oregon Creek is 16.5 miles up Hwy 49 past Nevada City. Cross the bridge over the Middle Yuba River—marked by a “Yuba County Line” sign—and the Oregon Creek day use area will be on your right hand side. 

One thought on “Park Pass & a Picnic, Oregon Creek Day Use Area, North San Juan, CA

  1. Another fun sunny time! Was the water warm or cold? Natural swimming areas here in NY are very cold even in August!

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