15 thoughts on “It’s Contest Time!

  1. Ymmmm…I like to use them to stimulate my olfactory senses when I start the peel, then my fingers get to squish the wedges of tasty goodness, then POP-before I can begin cooking-it jumps in my mouth where I use my taste buds to enjoy this little treat. That’s how I use them in cooking!

  2. Mandarins in ice water to drink. Mandarins in jello, in a green salad, in wild rice. They are marvelous anyway you eat them. Fresh just peeled is awesome!

  3. I use canned mandarins in summer salads. Its super yummy. – Romaine Lettuce hearts, cukes, strawberries, mandarin slices, feta cheese, raspberry vinaigrette… Sometimes crumbled bacon. Sometimes a meat, like chicken. When I have them, I add candied pecans.

    I’ve also dipped fresh mandarins in melted chocolate and given to my kiddos as treats.

    Best ever is just giving my kiddos cutesie oranges. 🙂

  4. Mason! Your mom just showed me your Fox40 appearance–you’re killing it! I LOVE crepes. Have you ever tried them with butter, sugar and lemon? So tasty. Hmmm, I love mandarins with salmon! I want to try a salmon dish with one of your family’s marmalades next time.

  5. I’ll use a can of mandarins in a cake. Drain and save the juice and mix with oj to get the required amount of liquid and then mix the mandarin segments into the batter.

  6. I totally forgot to post the winner here for Mason! Marcy Wacker won the gift basket and picked it up on Sunday at the Mandarin Festival.

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