Win It! “What the Heck is This Thing For?


Comment on this video between today and January 15, 2014. Mason will choose the winner whose comment makes him laugh! He will announce the winner on 1/16/14. Share on Facebook and Twitter! Like Mason Made on Facebook! The winner will have 30 days to reply with mailing information otherwise, a new winner will be selected. Have fun and share! *By participating in this contest, participants agree to have their name announced in addition to the comment he thought was the funniest, cheesiest comment in a video done by Mason and posted publicly if they should win.

17 thoughts on “Win It! “What the Heck is This Thing For?

  1. Holey guacamole – what a great knife! (Get it? Hole-y…Holy…) With this knife I would encourage my grandson to cut the cheese & not insist he say excuse me afterwards.

  2. It slices it dices it makes julienne potatoes and you too can have one nah just kidding but Billy Maze wasn’t. It really did but with this you can cut the cheese

  3. With this new handy dandy gadget, you can cut the cheese in style! Cut the cheese with ease and share your results with pride. Your new cheese cutting skills will be the talk of the town and the envy of your friends who no longer frown!

  4. Hey Chef Mason, Do you know what a hot pepper does?????? Gets JALA- PA- NO BUSINESS!!!!!! Now thats cheezy!! great job, keep it up.

  5. Cornelius asked Muriel out on a date. He told her he had a special night planned, “fragrant and musical”. Muriel was thrilled, she said she would love to go. That evening as she was dressing in her finest evening dress she had visions of a wrist corsage and a symphony. She was so excited, so when Cornelius came to the door in jeans she realized that she had misjudged the situation. She quickly changed into jeans and a sweater and walking shoes. Now she was certain they were going for a walk through the capitol rose garden followed by a concert in the park. Oh, how romantic! She grabbed her stadium blanket on the way out the door. Cornelius drove into town, but he drove right past the capitol rose garden, then right past the park, and over the bridge. He stopped at a little Mexican restaurant. Muriel was sure he just needed to ask for directions. It was then that Cornelius announced “Here we are. They have the most famous cheese and bean burritos in the state!” toot toot

  6. There is no bigger ham and cheese than you, Mason!! Glad to see you and your mom cuttin’ it up together. You realize you could make nice batonnet cuts with that cheese, bread it and DEEP FRY it!!! LOL

  7. I may have been cutting the cheese while watching this video and I don’t mean blocks of cheese. 🙂
    Never knew that the two prongs were for removing the wax. I always learn something new from you Mason!

  8. My cheese knife works just as beautifully as Mason demonstrated. You have inspired me to get it out and cut some cheese!!!

  9. From Mason: Here’s the comment that made me laugh! “Holey guacamole – what a great knife! (Get it? Hole-y…Holy…) With this knife I would encourage my grandson to cut the cheese & not insist he say excuse me afterwards.” From tmyoung Check your e-mail for info on how to collect your prize!

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