Aloha! It’s Giveaway Time!


Comment on this video between today and April 15, 2013. I will draw the winner using a random number generator and announce the winner on 4/16/13. Share on Facebook and Twitter and post the link in a new comment for extra entries! The winner will have 30 days to reply with mailing information otherwise, a new winner will be selected. Have fun and share!

25 thoughts on “Aloha! It’s Giveaway Time!

  1. I never knew there was a knife specifically for pineapples. Someday I’d love to visit Hawaii & the Dole Plantation. Aloha Mason!

  2. Guess it’s pretty obvious Mason’s learning that men who cook are chick magnets!! (Offering the fresh pineapple to the girls!)
    Mary Dutra

  3. Great demo! I never know how to grow a pineapple tree before I watched this. I also never knew you could twist off the top like you did. I alway cut it off then I use my pampered chef pineapple wedger to cut the Rhine off.
    Thanks for the informative video Mason and Kathy.

  4. OMG! I so want this knife. I just cut up a pineapple this morning & not how Mason cut it. I cut it the way I learned in the hotel kitchen I worked in as a teenager.

  5. just love it i just cut up a pineapple and i did not know how to take the end off ty so much love it the kid is awesome thanks for teaching me something new

    • Gary, we always wash our hands, whether you see it in the video or not. Have you not seen Contagion? This knife is from the Dole Pineapple Plantation, so though there are other tools, this one is special because it is from the pineapple grower. Aloha!

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