It’s Giveaway Time! It’s a Candy Bouquet!



Comment on this video between today and March 15, 2013. I will draw the winner using a random number generator and announce the winner on 3/16/13. Share on Facebook and Twitter and post the link in a new comment for extra entries! The winner will have 30 days to reply with mailing information otherwise, a new winner will be selected. Have fun and share!

51 thoughts on “It’s Giveaway Time! It’s a Candy Bouquet!

  1. Pretty cool. How much chocolate you got in that basket? BTW, tell your videographer next time to put you on the other side of the coffee table so the light hits your face, instead of being behind you.

  2. Wow – how creative Mason! You are going to be a little heartbreaker!! Very sweet idea with the mirror! Thanks for showing us how to make it!

  3. What a great job on that bouquet! I love how they ‘stand up’ out of the basket/container…so you get a peek of what’s there and yet there’s still some mystery, too! My kids would LOVE if I won this!

  4. Mason you are awesome! I just saw you on good day Sacramento and had to check out your website. What great ideas, and you have such an awesome personality! Much luck and success to you, no I’m going to go craft as well!

  5. You are amazing Mason! I would LOVE to get this for my nephew-he LOVES candy!!!! Please, please it would make him soo happy! Also, I loved your ‘minta chocolate’ cookie dance on Good Day Sacramento!! Thank you!

  6. You inspire me Mason! A candy bouquet is a great idea for an sweet surprise. I have a candy loving kid here that would freak out if he got that basket : )

  7. Great cookies at the Auburn 49er Celebrity Chef tonight. THank you for supporting our project and I look forward to you participating next year on the first Thursday in March 2014.

  8. Great job, Mason! Would love to surprise my youngest niece’s little girl (my sweet great niece) with this on Easter. I noticed the Reece’s Peanut Cups, which she loves; she loves them so much, that’s what she, at 2 years old, just had to be for Halloween. Everytime she was asked what she wanted to be, the answer was the same – a “Reecie.”

  9. This is great! I can already feel the sugar high!! I have loved seeing you on Good Day Sacramento!. I’m all like “hey, I know that super kid!!”

  10. Wow…I can’t believe you’re giving all that candy away! Who ARE you and what have you done with Mason?!!! BTW, i hope you stuck some insulin in that basket!

    Lov you! Jule

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