What the Heck is This Thing For? Give Away!


Leave a comment on this video between now and midnight PST February 17, 2013 to be entered to win a Bonanza Banana Slicer! Drawing will be done using a Random Number Generator using all the comments on this post. If you share this video on Twitter and/or Facebook, post the link here as a comment and it will count as an additional entry. If you win and do not reply to emails notifying you within thirty (30) days, a new winner will be drawn. Thanks so much for playing with me!

16 thoughts on “What the Heck is This Thing For? Give Away!

  1. Okay, I want that. No, Really. That would make dehydrating bananas much easier. They would all be the same thickness and be done at the same time. Nice video! I didn’t even know that I wanted that until I saw your Demo.

  2. I love it Mason! Nice job on the video. I bet you could use the Bonanza Banana Slicer for Eggs and Strawberries too! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Say that three times fast:
    Bonanza Banana Slicer
    Bonanza Banana Slicer
    Bonanza Banana Slicer

    Uff-da, f can barely type all that!

  3. what the heck is that for??? I think the dog love it… and where is your pampered chef towel to wipe your hands on.. not your apron….

  4. I NEED one to go with my lemon squeezer, my tomato slicer/holder, my eggies, my strawberry huller, my spaghetti sizer, and my pickle picker! It’s the only kitchen implement I don’t have already

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